The musical group DELIGHT has 6 members whose common interest is in playing the dance music of fifties and sixties. The three vocals - two girls and one man - accompanied by two guitars, base and drums recall with a big enthusiasm the atmosphere of dancing halls where the old rock´n ´roll was sounding followed by twist in a few years or lazy blues was creeping across the dancing floor or where the greased haired dancers were spinning the rumba figures. The repertoir is inspired by many American and Czech works of the time. The black girls groups - Ronets, Chiffons, Chordettes, Marvelettes and songs of Presley, Shannon, Dion, Anka, Beach Boys nd some of The Grease or Dirty Dancing musicals. In Czech language songs of Gott, Matuška, Suchý and Šlitr or of the musical Šakalí léta are performed. The author´s songs are sung in Czech and composed in the period style.The group plays at smaller bussines parties or at larger actions as well and gives dancing evening for its fans.