Olda Krejčoves Rock Show

Since the early nineties, when Olda Krejčoves started out on the Prague club scene, this guitarist, born in 1971 has performed with many bands and in the popular Jesus Christ Superstar musical (1996-2000). Back in 1993 he played with David Koller and Kollerband, rejoining the group for its 2003 reunion. Olda Krejčoves also played in the group Pusa (1996-97), where he moved after two years with Bara Basiková’s group. Before joining Monkey Business in 1999, he also performed with Mr. Pot (1994-99) and Štěpán Smetáček’s New Orchestra of Dreams (1995, 2006-07). Monkey Business is his home base, but in the past few years Olda’s looked for vehicles for songs outside the band’s repertoire, like the Stability project of Chyška, Jakubec and Vícha, and now Okrej. This new group plans live concerts soon.
Their debut album Okrej: Je to důvod (That’s the Reason) showcases 13 songs, most with Czech lyrics a work of intelligent and at the same time melodic rock. This remarkably sharp album oscillates between rock and pop, and makes a counterweight to the funky sound Olda puts out with Monkey Business.
Olda Krejčoves plays occasionally in a duo with keyboard e.g. composions from Eric Clapton.

Olda Krejčoves - G, V
Jiří Marek - BG
Jan Marek - D
Martin Otruba - K