Projects and Repertoire

We offer :
Assistance in the selection, booking and organization of concerts in various musical genres, both Czech and foreign artists.
In our menu under "Artists & Projects" you will find our standard offer of artists and shows exclusively represented by us. These offerings are updated frequently. News of our projects and artists is posted on the front page in the section Home-News. We can also make arrangements with artists and ensembles not listed.
Concerts can take the following forms :
- Standard concert performance.
- Club show.
- As several musical blocks as part of a larger event.
On request of the customer is it possible to organize atypical or unusual musical events.
Repertoire :
In the case of complete concert performances the repertoire cannot be changed. However, clients can be directly involved in programming a concert in two ways:
- Concert on request. Examples include specially chosen classical works, or for a jazz concert, a medley of standards chosen for a particular occasion.
- A concert of songs composed for special occasions. We can write music for anything from small groups to orchestra with chorus, jazz compositions, songs, rock songs, solo concerts, organ concerts etc.
We will provide prices and calculations after negotiating terms and scope of the request.