About Us

Welcome to the Media Market Agency CZ home page.


Media Market Agency services :

• Concert management.

• Action on a turnkey basis.

• Party service.

• Cultural and social events.

• Agents Czech and foreign artists.

• Rental of sound and instrumentation equipment.

• Publishing of printed music.


Our story:

Media Market Agency Prague focuses on providing of concerts, concert tours and social of concerts, social events. Companies with whom we have cooperated in the past, or where we still cooperate: SAP, Warwick, Pricewatherhouse Coopers, Allianz, Koncertní síň Atrium, Jazz festival Karlovy Vary, Čedok, Komerční Banka CZ, Hotel Hilton, Jazz Club Reduta, Hollywood Classic Entertainment, Rosso Steel j.s.c. etc.


Internet Links:

Medialog, Feslival Videoculture www.videoculture.cz