Concert experts

At MMA-Prague we have 20 years’ experience in concert management. Our customers are mainly cultural organizations, music clubs and festivals, and also city halls in different places of Europe. In addition to standard concerts, a number of the artists and ensembles we represent can also be booked to give educational concerts for children.
Our experience allows us to provide comprehensive concert services including:
- Complete advertising and promotional services.
- Design and printing of promotional materials.
- Identifying and dealing with sponsors and partners.
- Production of audio and visual media.
Additional services:
- Providing music for openings, exhibitions, publication of prices, etc.
- Locating and booking appropriate concert venues, ensembles and performers.
- Design technical solutions for music production.
- Event sound and lighting.
- Preparation, production and printing programs and posters, including advertisements.
- Hosting concerts and gigs for private parties.
A word on collaboration with artists from Europe:
Europe embraces many cultural and economic regions. Each of them is unique and offers a distinct culture. Unfortunately, among the European countries mutual prejudices and cultural, linguistic or economic barriers exist. Cultural agencies can overcome these barriers. We at MMA-Prague are trying to do our part.
Additional information about our concert offerings can be found on other sections of our site.