Jordi Torrens - Spanish phantasy

Jordi Torrens (Barcelona August 2, 1959) has spent many years touring the world as a session player for famous Latin singers. In fact, he could be considered one of the Bolero’s (Latin ballad) special-ist players after having toured / recorded with most of the genre’s seminal gures, a list that includes Moncho, Armando Manzanero, Olga Guillot and Dyango among many others. Just occasionally stealing the spotlight from those stars, his guitar playing has been heard in all main cities of the USA, almost all over South America, Cuba and Europe.

On his free time in between tours, he also manages to play his own compositions in a variety of settings, teach or give seminars at some of Spain’s most renowned music schools, work as a recording session player, and even write a Jazz theory book in Spanish. In 2003 he decided not to tour so exten-sively anymore and concentrate on his career as player and composer. He recorded his first solo album “Com gent a la lluna”, followed by a commissioned work to arrange and play in his own way the boleros he had for so long backed up for others: “Boleros de ida y vuelta”.Right now, he’s just presenting his second solo album, “Vivir el momento”, and has nally taken the spotlight himself in a successful series of live presentations during summer 2006. Jordi Torrens´ music is deeply rooted in Jazz, al-though his many years exposure to different music from all around the world, especially that of South America. The result is a mixture of sounds and rhythms, faces and places, gathered during a long time privileged position of the observer behind the spotlight, after-hour playing and hanging out with local musicians, long walks and conversations, coffee and cigarettes, back-home missing of friends and girlfriends. The sound of people and cities thru the eye of a musician in the shade.