The guitar duo „Piriapolis“ deals with music in their own, copyright and related adjustments. They are in most tracks from the world, repertory golden fund. As the name „Piriapolis“ suggests, their performances are conducted in a very cosmopolitan-spirit, with an accompanying commentary either in Czech or in English. To the cosmopolitan development corresponds also the repertoire, which can be divided into several styles: - Dixieland, Ragtime, Oldies - Spanish songs and Afro-latin Music - Swing, Evergreen, Jazz - Pop music songs. At random several titles from thei repertoire: Wave, Spain, Desafinado, Honey Pie, Lady Madonna, Hey Jude, Tears In Heaven, Georgia On My Mind, Satin Doll, What a Wonderful World, The Entertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, . . . . .
Both the musicians are graduates of music academy and they are constantly playing throughout Europe. They cooperate among other things with spanish guitarist and songwriter Jordi Torrens (teammate of Armando Manzanera, Paco de Lucía, Rafael Basurt, Mayte Martín and other stars), who accompanied his tour in the Czech Republic in the years 2007 , 2008 , 2009, and also cooperated on his CD.
Performance is 2 hours long with a 20 minute break. Show has a high optical - Aesthetic standard and, in certain cases, there is a disguise prepared for the second part of the show.
The technical requirements:
2x line out, 2x tapping, 2x chair without side-backs, separate, lockable dressing room.